Rice Lake International Friendship Association (RLIFA)

P.O. Box 1
Rice Lake, WI 54868


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The RLIFA Board consists of 11-12 members.  Each member serves a 3-year term and one third of the positions come up for re-election every year in January/February. At the annual meeting, those vacancies are voted on and filled. At the next regular monthly board meeting, election of officers is held. From time to time, unexpired terms need to be filled by appointment; if you're interested in becoming more involved with RLIFA, please contact one of the officers below.


2018 Board Members: 

Jill Alton   (Secretary)

Deanna Aubart ( Student Coordinator)

Rena Einum

Mickey Gabriel

Mary Hankins (President) 

Amy Kelsey (Vice President/Student Coordinator)

Amy Korbel

Terri Mikyska  (Treasurer)

Deb Neuheisel

Tammy Pacholke

Sharon Peterson 

Lori Rae

Rice Lake, WI
Miharu, Japan
Zamberk, Czech Republic
Sister Cities, International


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RLIFA.  P.O. Box 1.  Rice Lake, WI 54868